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A Treacherous Paradise (1st publication : 2011 )
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 Author : Mankell Henning

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Original title:  Minnet av en smutsig ängel
 Genre :  Roman
 Publication :  A Vue D'oeil
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 ISBN-10 :  2846668566
 ISBN-13 :  9782846668569
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Critic from : aztec

Title : A high colored adventure

Open this book, and you will not close it anymore! This story is at once amazing. Inspired from a true story, this is the story of Hanna, a young swedish woman, who will know some adventures in Africa, between dramas and opportunities. She is sent to Mozambic, married to a brothel manager. She is going quickly from poverty to opulence. But she is not really at her place. Difficult to live in a country where white people despise the black people, and where black people live with fear. A treacherous paradise ?

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